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    Sergio’s  Demo  Class
    31ST  Mar. 2015  Tuesday  Sunny
       Sergio gives us a humorous demo class today. He mainly taught these sentences patterns: “Where are the          ? They are in/on/under the       .”During the class, Sergio is full of energetic and asks students to read the sentences in different intonations. Students learn happily because of his body languages. Sergio paid much attention to students’ expression of sentences. He asks them to speak the sentences according to his or her emotions. They are so happy!

    2015年3月31号  周二   晴
       今天的外英课上, Sergio老师给我们上了一堂幽默风趣的英语会话课。他主要讲授Where are the           ? They are in/on/under the            .学习各种动物所处的位置。整节课上,Sergio老师充满激情,时而高声教授学生模仿语调,时而低声细语走到学生身旁问问题。从他丰富的肢体语言中,孩子们能够非常愉快地学习。Sergio老师也特别注意教会孩子们如何运用情感语言表达,他会让学生们尝试着用各种心情和语调来表达自己的情感。孩子们很开心!