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    World Geography Club – Treasure Hunt By Teacher Sheetal

      This week in club the students had to follow clues to find treasure. I prepared the hunt before club. I made small Canadian flags as this week the students were learning about Canada. On the back of the flags I put a clue. This clue tells the students where the next flag is. I placed these flags around the school in different places. The students got into groups of four; they are two groups from grade six students and two younger groups. They worked together to find the flags around the school. I wanted the students to get outside the classroom and have fun. Reading the clues allowed the students to practice their reading skills. Finding the next clue used critical thinking. When they found all ten flags the students came back to the classroom to collect their treasure; a small bag of candy. The students all had a great time and really enjoyed the hunt. It is a good way for students to work together as a team and practice their English.