The Power of Inferring,让学生“慧读”英语

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    The Power of Inferring,让学生“慧读”英语

    The Reader Rafting reading program is in full swing. While students are reading enjoyably, teachers are working hard as well on the reading strategies. In our December workshop, all GEP staff got to discuss “The Power to Infer” of “Reading Power”.

    Reader Rafting阅读项目正在我校如火如荼地进行着,学生们认真阅读的同时,老师们自然也不能落后。为了更好地教授学生阅读技巧,在大英语中心12月的集体教研中,全体英语老师以“阅读力”之“推测力”为主题进行了学习和交流。

    Inferring is an important competence and strategy not only required by Maple Leaf ESL Curriculum Standard but also in daily life and reading activities. Where inferring fits into CS, how to introduce the concept to students, some graphic organizers, and the 6-step method to teach Reading Power lesson etc. were included in GEP Director Vicki’s presentation. Teachers realized that our positive and proper guidance is essential to teach students how to infer. Additionally, a variety of visual graphic organizers were shared with teachers when talking about inferring from very little text, clues and illustrations, enabling students to infer more thoroughly and logically.


    Afterwards, Elementary School ESL Director Amy organized a writing activity with teachers based on inferring with the topic of “emotions” which made teachers understand that “less inking means more thinking” in a practical way.


    At last, ESL teacher Kevin showed us the application of inferring strategies with methods such as using pictures, comics, riddles, questioning, and graphic organizers, etc. Therewith, leveled teaching groups brainstormed and presented their plans in incorporating inference to Maple Leaf textbooks.


    Besides, we also watched a video demo class on inferring so as to have a visual and precise concept of how to involve it to reading class.


    Mark Twain once said, “A successful book is not made of what is in it, but of what is left out of it.” When students are studying the Power to Infer of Reading Power, what they are going to master is not just a significant reading skill, more importantly, the logical thinking and analytical abilities.