Reading for Fun ——Reader Rafting阅读项目系列报道(二)

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    Reading for Fun

    ——Reader Rafting阅读项目系列报道(二) 

    Hi everybody, let’s raft into Level 1’s reading classes today.


    In order to empower our little students to be able to read fluently soon, we have to build their confidence with loads of vocabulary. The kinship in Good English is so well portrayed that students are very comfortable with it. They connect well with them and can identify all characters. They enjoy doing role play.

    自信心和词汇量能帮助低级别学生更流利地阅读。老师们选择了牛津大学出版社出版的《Good English》作为一级的读物。阅读课上,孩子们被图文并茂的内容和鲜活生动的语言深深吸引着。开篇介绍的几位人物,小编都没来得及分清楚,小枫叶们已经能快速、准确地喊出他们的名字并厘清人物关系了,还兴高采烈地模仿着他们的表情,仿佛自己就是那个小主人公。

    With the phonics they have already mastered, they are capable to constantly refer back to it and recognize it. The students seem comfortable not understanding every word. The teachers reflect on the colors and feeling of the characters. We connect to social science when we demonstrate the word “shadow” by using a torch to make hand shadows on the white wall. Then we follow it up with a short video on “shadow art”.


    We conclude our lessons by bringing an activity to the students to reinforce what they have learned. Learning English naturally in a fun and relaxed atmosphere makes reading so easy!


    Teachers prepare lessons according to the learning goals of the Maple Leaf ESL Curriculum Standard. For Level 1 Language Competence: recognizing introductory words about name and age, expressions related to feeling, words associated with kinship and people are part of the learning goals. Drawing pictures of characters after reading meets goal requirements for strategic competence.


    Let’s read for fun. Not only in reading classes, we also encourage our students to try their best in reading outside of the class.