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    In spring, we compose poems and long for the promising future at Maple Leaf; in spring, we lighten the Star of Outlook at Maple Leaf.


    Wuhan and Hubei Rounds of 2017 Maple Leaf Cup CCTV Star of Outlook English Talent Competition will be held in beautiful Wuhan Maple Leaf Educational Park in April and May. In order to acquaint competitors with more tips about the competition, we invited Ms. Xue Jingxiu, the provincial judge of Hubei Area of Star of Outlook to give us an all-sided pre-competition training based on the different sections of each group.


    In English talent show, the English explanation of talent is equally important. Creativity,props, expression are the pluses to catch the eye of judges. Competitors can take advantage ofportable props to show their talents and vitality. In picture description, teachers and parents encouragement and guidance are of necessity before competition. Only when they get used to think and describe in English methodically can they response quickly and simplify theirdescription properly. When competitors make a speech by draw, the judges pay more attention to their speech content, stage presence, and English expression. For those competitors who seldom speak in public, they can do the mimic speeches in classes to foster their confidence and anti-stress ability. When judges pose a question, the answers should be pertinent. For competitors of Group Contest, they should focus on the plot designing and team work.


    Moreover, Ms. Xue invited three competitors who participated in Star of Outlook and“Diplomatist” to make a presentation and share their experience with us. Our Maple Leafers also took the opportunities to describe the pictures and make a speech on the stage. Their confidence and English proficiency made a favorable impression on Ms. Xue.


    Growth is more significant than the score; experience is more invaluable than result. Letslighten the Star of Maple Leaf!